I was a strange child that enjoyed playing a lot of weird games. One of the games I enjoyed the most was one I played with my cousin where we would attempt to brew these things we called “deadly potions”. These were made by finding random liquids (and sometimes solids) that could be gross, weird, tasty, or whatever you could find as long as the end product was the most foul concoction you can imagine. This was a game that gave me a lot of good and bad memories.

I can remember vividly the excitement of running around looking for the next ingredient that we could come across. Some ingredients that I specifically remember using are milk, salad dressing, cup-noodle broth, dirt, and even baby wipe juice. As you can imagine, we never drank the potions we just dumped them out wherever was safe.

One time we played the game and everything went well and I probably had a blast, but apparently whoever dumped out the potion dumped it out in the fish tank my cousins had in their bathroom. This was not a good place to dump it out because it killed all of the four fish that were in the tank. My cousin had insisted over and over again that I was the one who dumped it out in the tank. I had absolutely no memory of doing this and persistently denied it confidently, however everyone seemed to believe him naturally due to the fact that he was older. I’m going to be honest this really pissed me off because of how sure I was that I dumped no such potion in any fish tanks anywhere but they were older and they knew more and I had no power. Who knows, maybe I just mindlessly did it as I was lost in my own world of play and enjoyment and hallucinated the fish tank to be something else but to this day I know I was not lying and the memory of this lingers in my head to this day.

Another time this game went terribly wrong was I was with my cousins and my family in the desert where I decided I wanted to make a deadly potion. In this one I can remember two of the ingredients. I know milk was the base ingredient and we also put this salad dressing as an addition. This is where it went wrong. When the parents saw what we were doing they demanded we tell them what was in it. When we told them them were very unhappy with the fact that we used their very expensive salad dressing in the potion. Our punishment was that everybody that participated had to drink one shot glass full of the potion. The potion ended up making me throw up and gave me a stomach ache and I think that was the last time I played that game.


2 thoughts on “DEADLY POTIONS

  1. Hi Matthew! I found this post really interesting and it’s cool how you used to play like that when you were younger. I personally think it’s dangerous to drink random liquids, though. It can be toxic or something.

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